Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does HOSTA Have Turkish Share Capital?

HOSTA's share capital is %100 Turkish. 
2. How do you make controls?

Inspections are conducted at specified intervals aimed at ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction. During inspections, the exterior and service areas, halls, kitchens, depots, toilets, changing rooms of restaurants and production facilities as well as the personal hygiene and sanitation of staff are being checked in terms of suitability for food production. Compliance with food standards is given a score in each inspection. As a result of the scoring, the restaurant of the month is selected and awarded. 
3. What are the innovations you have introduced to the industry?

We have started to produce meat and meat products, in line with halal food, TSE and hygiene standards in our factory. Another novelty we have pioneered in the sector is weighing our products in front of customers before serving. HOSTA continues to introduce innovations to the sector with new products. Closed Pida with Meat Doner , Gobit Meat Doner and Chicken Meat Balls are our products. We continue to work on new products for our customers.


4. How many personnel is employed in your company?

1000 people are employed in our company.

5. How and how often are the machinery and equipment cleaned?

At the end of each day machinery and equipment are cleaned using food safe cleaning chemicals and are thoroughly rinsed. All cleaned surfaces are checked for stains and then sanitized with disinfectants. 
6. How often are cleaning cloths changed ?

Cleaning cloths used in our restaurants are supplied by our enterprise. After they are separated for wet and dry surfaces, partial and overall cleaning is done on a regular basis every day by the staff, paying attention to the maximum level of hygiene. 

7. How often do you train your staff?

The principle of "providing the right training to the right person at the right time," is what makes the basis of training activities, here at HOSTA. To this end, the training of each member joining the HOSTA team begins  with an orientation program. The training of our personnel continues with specific trainings for each line of work throughout the year according to the annual training plans.


8. Which suppliers do you work with?

Haz Livestock,  Feast, Pepsi, Ülker, Çamlıca Dairy Products some of our suppliers. We also have some seasonal suppliers.