Quality and Food

Haz LiveStock, Meat and Food Inc. Production Facility has been approved by Turkish Standards Institution under TS EN ISO 9001:2008 and TS EN 22000 standards. The slaughter and production control is done according to Islamic rules and in compliance with Halal food standards. Production is done with modern technology and trained staff in a safe, healthy and hygienic environment, in order to ensure continuous customer satisfaction. Each stage of the food chain, all the way from raw materials to packaging, storage and transportation is confirmed by expert chemical and food engineers through tests and analyzes. Our products are transported with refrigerated delivery vehicles protecting product quality and maintaining cold chain.

Our products are carefully monitored by the food safety team lead by food engineers as well as our honorary inspectors. Design and development of new products as well as revision of existing products is done at our R & D kitchen and our product range is renewed continuously.