Hosta News

07.06.2016 / The world of good food is opening its doors to innovation in Eryaman!

A meeting point for all those obsessed with quality eating with its renewed image and cosy decoration and warm atmosphere, HOSTA Eryaman Branch is at your service with its rich variety of products.


In this branch where traditional tastes are recreated with a modern touch, HOSTA presents its customers not only with the delicious doner menus which you are already a fan of, but also the grilled meat and kebab varieties that are the most essential parts of the Turkish cuisine.


You will have happy days and fun times with TATTAZE!

Cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, desserts and much more that is made with the magic touch of skillful hands will be with you and your loved ones at such quality as guaranteed by TATTAZE Bakery & Patisserie at any time of day...


In the branch where a wide range of food from the world cuisine is recreated, breakfast plates, toasts, pancakes, sandwiches, wraps, specials, pastas and salads are waiting to meet you at TATTAZE. 



30.04.2016 / HOSTA opened a new branch in Çorlu Trend Arena AVM!

HOSTA has opened the second branch in Çorlu in Trend Arena AVM, one of the popular shopping centers of the city, to provide very delicious and various menus for your pleasure.

Serving indispensible tastes of the Turkish cuisine in every corner of Turkey, HOSTA invites you and your loved ones at its new tasty center in Çorlu.



23.04.2016 / HOSTA is at Ankara Gordion AVM with unique tastes!

Turning eating into a pleasure with qualified services and smiling personnel, HOSTA has opened a new branch in Ankara Gordion AVM.

Ever delicious HOSTA tastes expect you at its new address and will make it difficult for you to choose among the various menus.



07.10.2015 / Spectacular HOSTA Flavor Has Arrived In Kecioren!

HOSTA; the meeting point of persistent quality and unlimited delights has opened a new restaurant at Gazino, Kecioren district. From children to elders, there’s a treat for every taste herein; different flavors, different brands for everyone... Rich menus, offering satistfying meals at HOSTA, Keçiören.

Tattaze Taste That Melts In Your Mouth!
Freshest cakes to sweeten your day; warm and delicious bakeries, pasteries and sweets. Mince pie and baklava above all! Floured happiness and secret recipes await those who stop by TATTAZE Bakery and Patisserie. For you and for your beloved…



18.06.2015 / The abundance of Iftar by HOSTA!

Our Ramadan Campaign is on! Throughout the month, soup and keskul will be free on our Ramadan menus. Treats are available at our restaurants during iftar hours. Bon Appetit.



10.06.2015 / HOSTA Diyarbakır Forum Shopping Center Outlet Has Opened!

Diyarbakır’s new delight HOSTA has taken its place at the Forum Shopping Center in Elazig Boulevard.

Thereby adding Diyarbakır among its flavor centers spread throughout Turkey, HOSTA invites you to a dining experience like no other.



18.05.2015 / Unmatched Flavors Arrive At Şaşmaz Industrial State Blv!

With its new establishment concept which brings joy into a tasteful legend, HOSTA has held ranks once again in Ankara; this time at Şaşmaz Industrial State Blv. The affiliate restaurant in which different brands and intriguing savor meet; a taste for every palate and a forward understanding of service is offered.

HOSTA; the home of delicious doner kebap adds to its already inspiring repertoire; healthy grill and kebap varieties at Şaşmaz.

Every new day begins with TATTAZE and bliss!
For those who’d love jumpstarting their day with a hearty meal, flavorful bakeries; hot simit, bagel, muffin, pastries and sweets are at grasp. At any time of the day; TATTAZE Bakery & Patisserie offers a home for sharing tasty moments with your beloved ones…

And at last but not least, ‘’TATTAZE WORLD CUISINE’’ offers a careful selection from across the globe; breakfast plates, toasts, pancakes, sandwiches, wraps, specials, pasta and salads that is. Also on the menu are home-brew stews, that offer healthy food; delivered with taste and in style.



15.03.2015 / Hosta Registered with Consumers’ Award!

Hosta, who has been named “Brand of the Year” in Convenience Food (Doner Kebab) Sector in 2014 was granted “Eurasia Quality Award” by ATUKDER (Eurasia Consumer Protection Association) as a part of the ceremony held on March 15th; Consumers’ Day.
We would like to express our gratitude to all our customers who deemed us worthy of this honor.



29.11.2014 / Ankara Tunalı Hilmi Avenue HOSTA Branch has opened!

100% domestic brand mark HOSTA has opened “Ankara Tunalı Hilmi HOSTA Branch” in 28th of November.

Healthy, traditional flavors and modern, with stylish branch concept took place The Avenue and you are invited to “Ankara Tunalı Hilmi HOSTA Branch” which is the 19th of branches in Ankara.

HOSTA brings you delicious products from each other and quality service.



18.07.2014 / Great flavor meeting in Ankara Bahçelievler 3rd Street!

Your Choice!

Flavor trio HOSTA, KANARA, TATTAZE met in Ankara Bahçelievler 3rd Street.

For traditional flavor lovers HOSTA, for healthy flavor seekers KANARA, for sweet lovers TATTAZE…


Ankara Bahçelievler 3rd Street HOSTA branch presents you with quality service approach that share beautiful moments with your loved ones at the new branch concept which is combinated of different brands with refreshed interior.


A TATTAZE break to life! 

Cakes, cookies, crackers, rolls, pasties, baklava, sandwiches and much more in TATTAZE Bakery & Patiserrie flavors with you during the day as well as a special moment.

Also, TATTAZE WORLD CUISINE brings to your table world flavors by difference of TATTAZE. Toasts, pancakes, omelets, hot sandwiches, wraps, Tattaze Special Products, pastas, salads and they are all beautiful with full consistency varieties.


Grilled flavors of KANARA! 

KANARA where offers you special treats and friendly waiters served up to your desk is favorite with its kebabs, meatballs, grilled meat and chicken for the addicted of red and white meat.


If you'd like to choice the traditional flavors extending from 1981 to the present day with HOSTA; if you want to taste the natural, fresh, healthy products and treats with KANARA; if you wish to start your day with a wholesome breakfast and to continue with a cup of coffee break or a sweet escape with TATTAZE, all they will be waiting for you in our  renewed branch. 



28.06.2014 / HOSTA adds zest to Ramadan's blessing!

Our Ramadan Campaign is on! Throughout the month, soup and keskul will be free on our Ramadan menus. Treats are available at our restaurants during iftar hours. Bon Appetit. 



23.09.2013 / Ankara Kızılay Soysal HOSTA Restaurant renewed

Our restaurant in Kızılay, where the HOSTA story began is once again at your service. With it’s renewed face, laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff; it’s a good time to say hi again check out on what’s new. Hot on the menu, is the incomparable and yummy HOSTA iskender. So why would you wait? 



01.09.2013 / New Web Site!

We have renewed our website to bring you, our precious guests; faster and higher quality service. You’ll find that in our new web site, you’ll be able to find information you’re looking for more effectively. You may send us your requests and suggesitons through our Contact page. Thank you.



01.08.2013 / We meet the Turkish Youth at “Yedigun Summer Concerts”

Hosta has joined among the sponsors for “Yedigun Summer Concerts” which are to be held this year. Together with the famous Turkish soft-drink brand Yedigun, HOSTA has been organising Murat Boz concerts, which will start off this year at August 12th in Bursa and end at September 4th in Istanbul. If you’d like to rank among the lucky few, who’ll have the chance to meet Murat Boz backstage, all you have to do is buy a Yedigun Menu from us and you’ll be gifted a free ticket for each time you do so!



August 12th, 2013   Bursa   Kent Shopping Center
August 14th, 2013   İzmir   Izmir Arena
August 16th, 2013   Antalya   Akdeniz University Rally Field
August 18th, 2013   Adana   Carrefour Shopping Center Parking Lot
August 20th, 2013   Gaziantep   Democracy Square
August 22nd, 2013   Elazığ   Fırat University Festival Area
August 24th, 2013   Kayseri   Kurşunlu Parking Lot
August 26th, 2013   Konya   Kulesite Shopping Center Parking Lot
August 28th, 2013   Ankara   Cepa Shopping Center
August 31st, 2013   Eskişehir   Neoplus Outlet Open Parking Lot
September 2nd,2013   Samsun   Batı Park
September 4th,2013   İstanbul   Küçük Çiftlik Park



01.07.2013 / Ramadan is tastier this year

Our Ramadan Campaign is on! Throughout the month, soup and keskul will be free on our Ramadan menus. Treats are available at our restaurants during iftar hours. Bon Appetit.