1981 ... Start of a delicious history...


Established in 1981 in Ankara, Sakarya Caddesi HOSTA delivers taste and quality; delicious and satisfying goods with the best prices in Ankara and various cities throughout Turkey such as Diyarbakır, İstanbul, İzmir and Tekirdağ Çorlu as well as with its ongoing investments in a total of 45 nationwide franchises. More than 15 million customers each year visit these to have a bite of the quality of our custom specials; the HOSTA taste. Through the years, HOSTA strengthened its position among Turkey's largest fast-food operators . It has succesfully transformed into a brand with principle of customer satisfaction; implemented significant projects and has always been forward-looking while keeping the traditional taste and quality intact.


Currently, in addition to its recently opened branches,  as a proper understanding of business in the modern era requires; HOSTA harbors exclusive bakery departments that produce its famous bread; meat processing and doner hanger units, meat and chicken mounting complex, 75 cool fridges and controlled warehouse fleet units through Ankara and Istanbul, operating on a strong substructure to maintain cold chain through distribution. HOSTA with 100% Turkish capital , providing employment opportunities to more than 1,000 people, adds to the country's economy is in many social responsibility projects as well. The organization is aware of its responsibilities as a leader in taxes paid.


HOSTA favors European standards in-service training, business understanding, environmental health awareness and deals in activities that inspire national midsized companies . Given that since 1981, a generation has grew up with the taste of Hosta; it would likely be fair to say that the company will keep offering superb cuisine to generations to come, all the while with a progressive and contemporary approach.