About Hosta

Dear Business Partner,
HOSTA which has introduced many novelties in the food industry since 1981, has operations in Ankara, Diyarbakır, İstanbul, İzmir and Tekirdağ Çorlu provinces. HOSTA is now offering these wealth of values accumulated over the course of several years to the service of entrepreneurs through a franchise system. Becoming a part of the HOSTA Franchising System, means embracing our cultural values, carrying the name of a brand with a broad customer base, and becoming the owner of an easy to run and profitable business. Besides benefiting from all these opportunities, you will always feel the support of the HOSTA franchise system by your side, make use of the power of the HOSTA team and brand and enjoy all the opportunities the HOSTA family has to offer. We invite you to become a member of the HOSTA family to share productivity, risk and benefits in a fair manner through a profitable, sound and right franchise system.


General Information on Franchising

Franchise is a contract-based, integrated direct marketing system. In the broader sense, franchise is: in its entirety a long term and continuous business relationship, where a party which owns the exclusive rights of a particular service or product, concedes these rights for a certain time, under specific terms and limitations, to a third party for commercial activity, also providing the necessary information and support (know-how) for the organization and conduct of the business. Franchise is an independently formed contractual relationship between the two parties.


Franchising party (franchisor); is the party which owns a product, service, or know how and a proven and successful brand that belongs to these, and which transfers the operation and distribution rights over these to a third party for a certain duration in exchange for a certain amount of money. Franchisor is the founder and the long-term guardian of the franchise system that comprises the franchisor itself and the individual franchisees. Franchisee, undertakes the right and obligation to use a Franchisor's trade name and/or service trade mark, know-how, techniques and methods and system of doing business, and other industrial and / or intellectual property rights,in exchange for a direct or an indirect fee under a written franchise agreement signed between the parties for this purpose, for a duration specified in this agreement, with continuous commercial and technical support from the Franchisor.


What are the benefits of the Franchise System for the Franchisee?

Franchise, is a very advantageous system which minimizes risk for small entrepreneurs, and boosts gains for ambitious entrepreneurs. While the success rate of an entrepreneur who tries to maintain its business with its own means is %35 for the first five years according to statistics, the success chance of an enterprise which participate in a franchise system in the same period is 95%.


Benefits of the Franchise System for the Franchisee

  • Starting off with the name of a well-known and established company in the market
  • Using the techniques and procedures of a proven, well-known and established brand
  • Enjoying the convenience of an established customer base and continuous business
  • Benefiting from the techniques of the franchisor enterprise in finding qualified personnel, recruitment and training
  • Saving on advertising and promotion expenses
  • Reducing the risks of setting up one's own business for the investor
  • Using scientific techniques in the establishment phase and in the selection of the place of establishment of the business enterprise
  • Making a cost-effective and realistic investment
  • Making low-cost purchases
  • Benefiting from transfer of advanced technology

Hosta's Franchise Targets

  • Our biggest goal is to continue to be the brand of choice that first comes to mind when it comes to doner and meat products.
  • To maintain our leading position in the industry as HOSTA
  • To push the industry standards further
  • To complete our  institutionalization and increase the number of branches in different provinces and countries
  • Consolidate our leading position in the industry by enhancing service quality, and improving customer relations and management systems and the way we do business
  • Transforming the ways of making business in the sector and carrying it into a more modern level
  • To create and develop new standards for quality
  • To take advantage of the market opportunities that the franchise organization has to offer
  • To present the Hosta flavors to select customers through the franchisees
  • Investing in the future and having a wider field of activity
  • To seize the chance to work in compliance with principles of human, honor and performance

The Benefits of Becoming an Hosta Franchise

  • Reaching national and international standards and quality with the HOSTA brand
  • Benefiting from the regular customer base of Hosta
  • Procuring high quality raw materials at cheaper prices
  • Reducing the risks posed by setting up one's own businesses by standing together with entrepreneurs
  • Taking advantage of the regular market, product and quality R&D studies conducted by HOSTA
  • Benefiting from HOSTA's techniques in finding qualified personnel, recruitment and training
  • Benefiting from Hosta's in-house financial and legal advisers
  • Being the only franchisee in the region through's Hosta zone protection

Assistance Provided to Franchisees

  • Consultancy in the selection of location
  • Technical and architectural designs
  • Project
  • Feasibility studies
  • Appointing assistants for budget and payment calendars preparation
  • Professional support staff in activities like marketing, purchasing, storage and transport
  • Provision of training and personnel
  • Realistic time and cost projections in the investment phase
  • Granting the entrepreneur the right to install systems and providing know-how
  • Joint advertising
  • Zone protection
  • Supply of goods
  • Manual
  • Benefiting from accounting and legal advisers
  • Training

Qualities Hosta Looks for in Franchisee Candidates

  • Being able to represent HOSTA brand in the best way
  • Having an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Commitment to invest in restaurants having dimensions approved by HOSTA stores
  • Decorating restaurants in line with HOSTA's general standards
  • Being a reliable,dynamic, entrepreneur with a successful business background who respects corporate values
  • Entrepreneurs willing to make a franchisee application should; have detailed information (demographic, socio-economic, competitive conditions in the sector, and the potential for commercial development of the region) about the region they want to invest in
  • Have financial capabilities
  • Have a sufficient level of education
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Should have commercial ethics
  • Should be ambitious
  • Should be open to innovation
  • Be successful in human relations and management


  • Have experience in the food industry
  • Be able to personally attend the business